Netflix's Castlevania Hypes Season Four With New Poster

Castlevania has been one of the most popular original anime series to hit the streaming service of [...]

Castlevania has been one of the most popular original anime series to hit the streaming service of Netflix these past few years, and with the confirmation that the series would be returning with its fourth season, the vampire slayers have returned with a brand new poster. Sharing an image of the heroes and villains of this world that is teeming with supernatural characters, attempting to live in a world where Dracula is no longer among the land of the living, it appears as if the upcoming season will continue the tale of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard.

The third season made for a big departure for the series, not simply because Dracula had been killed during the finale of season two, but also because it split the main vampire hunters, as Trevor and Sypha travelled the countryside while Alucard found himself becoming uncomfortably close to his father. On the flip side, the devil forger Isaac is attempting to amass an army of the undead to get revenge for the death of Dracula and eliminate the evils he sees as mankind. On top of this villain, the devil forger Hector has been captured by the vampire Carmilla and her sisters, who are also attempting to raise an army but to use humanity as cattle rather than eliminate them from the face of the Earth.

Netflix took to its Official Twitter Account to share the brand new poster for Castlevania's fourth season, giving us new looks at the fresh aesthetics for the vampire slayers, vampires, and the devil forgers that have helped push the original anime series to new heights of popularity:

Though this new poster release doesn't include a release date for season four or any new footage of the anime series that was brought to life by Powerhouse Studios. With the vampire slayers scattered and the villains amassing armies of demons to take over the world, it's clear that season four will raise the stakes as the story of the Belmont Clan and its allies continue via Netflix's original series.

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