Cells at Work Creator Fights Coronavirus with New PSA Sketch

Perhaps there is no better anime franchise to encapsulate this time of the coronavirus pandemic and the quarntine that comes as a result of it than Cells At Work and the creator the franchise, Akane Shimizu, has revealed a brand new sketch to let fans know around the world what they need to do to help fight the virus! The anime franchise takes the opportunity to look inside of the human body and characterize the cells at work within it, giving life to both the red and white blood cells as the protagonists of the anime series!

Cells At Work's first season took fandom by storm, presenting a hilarious tale with some worthwhile action while following a typical red and white blood cell who are hard at work protecting the body in which they reside. A second season has been confirmed, alongside a trailer release, for arrival in January 2021, as well as spin-off anime in the form of Cells At Work: Code Black, which will help expand the world of the microscopic battles that are taking place in all of our bodies that we take for granted!

The Official Twitter Account for Cells At Work shared this coronavirus public safety announcement, showing off the white blood cell wearing a mask and informing fans of the series that while the cells within our bodies are working to protect us, they will need to follow some rules in order to save the lives of those around them:


Are you excited for the return of Cells At Work early next year? What has been your favorite anime coronavirus public safety announcement so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of microscopic animated characters!

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