Cells at Work Season 2 Shares First Poster

Cells At Work seems more timely than ever at the present moment in time, and following the release of its first trailer for its upcoming second season, the anime series has just released its first poster that gives fans a hint at the characters that they'll be running into during this next installment of the story. For those who don't know, Cells At Work follows blood cells within a body, each being personified, looking to protect their host in fighting viruses and doing menial chores during their day to day routines.

The idiosyncratic franchise was created in 2015 by mangaka Hataraku Saibuo and then given an anime of its own which debuted in 2018. With the anime series following our main characters in the forms of an inexperienced red blood cell and a hardened veteran white blood cell, the franchise was praised by real world scientists for its depiction of the human body and how the blood cells operated within the realm of the mundane and against devastating threats! Though fans will have to wait until 2021 to see the story continue, it's clear that the strange anime has found its audience!

The Official Twitter Account for Cells At Work's creator shared the first poster for the second season of the anime, promising a combination of returning heroes and new villains that take us on a journey through the human body and the cells and viruses that are a part of our day to day life:


The main story itself has become popular enough to warrant a number of spin-offs, mostly taking the shape of manga series and light novel books, further exploring a world where the inner workings of the human body are portrayed in a way that only an anime could!

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