Chainsaw Man Cosplay Focuses on The New War Devil

Chainsaw Man's manga is now back up and running with Part 2 of the series, and one awesome cosplay has brought its main hero, Asa Mitaka, to life in a perfect way! Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga series ended the first part of its run with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine two years ago, and fans have been waiting patiently for the series to return with its second part. The manga finally kicked back in with new chapters this Summer, and rather than following Denji once more, the series has been spending its time following a new central character with their own intriguing story.  

Asa Mitaka, the new main heroine of the series, has taken the center stage for Chainsaw Man's new era, and while Denji has yet to make an appearance, fans are hooked to see what's next. Mainly because Asa suddenly merged with the War Devil, and is now leading a double life hunting down the Chainsaw Man before it's all over. Now this War Devil has come to life through some awesome new cosplay from artist @shakurei_cos on Instagram, and it's a great example of why this newbie has been such a hit with fans so far: 

Chainsaw Man Part 2 is now working its way through its new chapters, and it has already introduced a whole new kind of world that fans had seen during the first stage of the series. Denji has yet to make an appearance in Part 2 as of this writing, and it seems like the humans of this world have not only grown comfortable with the idea of devils in their midst, but are now actively living with them as part of their lifestyle. It's raised all sorts of questions about what fans of the franchise can expect to see from the rest of the series going forward too. 

The War Devil has declared their intention to build up a huge enough army to fight against Chainsaw Man, and that's something we'll continue to see develop through the series. It's a much different kind of central devil than with Denji as Asa and her devil are actively speaking and getting to know one another. It's only going to get more complicated from here on out, but what do you think? What are you hoping to see from Chainsaw Man's new chapters? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!