Chainsaw Man Part 2 Introduces a Terrifying New Devil

Chainsaw Man has made its long-awaited comeback, and it looks like part two was worth all the patience. Shueisha released chapter 98 of the series earlier today after creator Tatsuki Fujimoto confirmed the series would return this week. And to kick off part two, Chainsaw Man went big by introducing one of its most deadly devils yet.

For those who are caught up with the manga, you will know what went down this morning. Chainsaw Man went live with part two, and the debut did not check up on Denji at all. Instead, a high school student named Asa Mitaka was introduced, and the girl ends up becoming the host of a terrifying power.

And what power might it be? Well, we have a name to share. Asa is the host of the War Devil, and the creature is part of the dreaded Four Horsemen.

The War Devil goes on to show its powers through Asa as it saves the girl from death. It goes on to showcase its bloody and vengeful nature by turning a teacher's spinal column into a sword... and that is just the start. The War Devil has a grudge against Chainsaw Man like the rest of the Four Horsemen. And to make things worse, Asa is also onboard with annihilating the supposed savior.

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Of course, the War Devil was not the only creature introduced in this debut. Chainsaw Man also brought Bucky, the Chicken Devil, into the world. The pun-loving chicken became a favorite with fans, and its death left readers reeling regardless of how little they knew the devil. And as part two moves forward, Chainsaw Man will surely bring even wilder devils to the stage!

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