Dakota Fanning Joins Michael B. Jordan in Rooster Teeth's 'gen:LOCK'

Rooster Teeth has not only managed to nab Michael B. Jordan to star in an anime series, but now Dakota Fanning and Koichi Yamadera will join the cast of gen:LOCK as well.

gen:LOCK is a series co-produced by Jordan's Outlier Productions and Rooster Teeth, and now Fanning is set to play Miranda Worth, an "expert mech pilot and Chase's love interest" while Yamadera is slated to portray Kazu Iida, "one of the new recruits transferring from Japan's military forces, to fight alongside Chase" according to Rooster Teeth's press release.

Head of Rooster Teeth Animation and gen:LOCK showrunner Gray G. Haddock had this to say about Fanning and Yamadera joining the cast, "We're thrilled to announce Dakota and Yamadera-san are joining the cast of gen:LOCK," said Haddock.

"Dakota brings an endearing energy and texture to Miranda that the audience is going to bond with very strongly. Yamadera-san gives Kazu a fantastic balance of attitude and strength, and as anime fans we're doing our best not to geek out that he's joined the cast."

As for the previously announced Jordan, he will portray the main character Julian Chase. Haddock was excited by his addition as well, "We are excited beyond belief to announce Michael B. Jordan as the voice of Julian Chase in gen:LOCK and welcome him to the Rooster Teeth community. Michael's visionary career choices and commitment to meaningful entertainment, not to mention his love of anime, line up perfectly with what drives Rooster Teeth, and we're thrilled for the opportunity to do some cool sci-fi storytelling together."

gen:LOCK is currently scheduled for a January 2019 release on Rooster Teeth. The synopsis for Rooster Teeth's gen:LOCK reads as such:

"In gen:LOCK, Earth's last free society is on the losing side of a global war, and recruits a diverse team of young pilots to control the next generation of mecha—giant, weaponized robot bodies. These daring recruits will find, however, that their newfound abilities come at no small cost. As Chase leaves behind his life as a fighter pilot to become the first candidate for the program, he finds his endurance, as well as his very identity, will be tested beyond anything he ever imagined."


This is Rooster Teeth's second major project following the successful release of RWBY and there will most likely the be same amount of support for this project as well given the talent involved.