DC Comics Reveals Special Aquaman Collaboration with Lupin the Third Creator

After his tragic passing earlier this year, it was revealed that prolific Lupin the Third creator Monkey Punch was working on a series of collaborative illustrations for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Though the larger details of the collaboration are going to be announced at a later time, it was confirmed that fans would be seeing new illustrations of a few select DC Comics heroes produced by the late creator.

Following the reveal of Monkey Punch's Shazam! illustration earlier this month, Warner Bros Japan has shared his slick take on Aquaman through their official Twitter. Check it out below!

This collaboration comes with a bittersweet taste for fans as it's nice to see new Monkey Punch illustrations even after the creator's passing, but Monkey Punch will not be able to see this through himself. Warner Bros. Japan stated that Monkey Punch was a big fan of superhero comics and thus jumped onto this collaboration opportunity, and that illustrations of Batman and Supergirl are going to be shown off at a later date.

There's also no official word on what this collaboration will be, but this illustration does come at a time of celebration for Aquaman's home video release in Japan this July. Although there is an official Justice League manga currently in the works, there's a bit of special flavor added from Monkey Punch's work. Aquaman and Shazam! probably weren't films that drew in crowds of anime fans to theaters, but these illustrations go a long way in presenting each of those films in a way that's certain to draw attention.


For those unfamiliar with Lupin the Third, the series was originally created by Monkey Punch. The story follows the adventures of Arsene Lupin, a master thief from Maurice Leblanc's series of novels. The series will soon be joining Adult Swim's programming block on June 15th with Lupin the Third Part 5, so fans will have a whole new entry point to enjoy the series.

First appearing in Weekly Manga Action in 1967, the series has since spawned multiple manga series, six anime series, six OVAs, two live-action film, 25 TV specials, two musicals, music and drama CDs. The copyright for the series was previously wrapped in a suit with Maurice Leblanc, but has since expired meaning the series no longer has to go by other names in territories outside of Japan and the United States.