Death Note's Sleek New Watch Has a Very Special Easter Egg

Death Note has been out of the headlines for some time, but that doesn't mean its legacy has faded one bit. Thanks to its avid fanbase, Light and L live on today as Death Note is recommended to new fans daily. Now, it seems like a certain piece of merch is in the works for Death Note, and it is taken from one of the manga's cleverest panels.

As reported by otakucalendarjp, Death Note has got a new piece of merchandise in the works. The piece in question is a high-end watch that will let fans channel their inner Light. After all, the watch is sourced straight from the manga, and it features a hidden compartment that readers might recognize.

You can see the watch below in all of its shiny glory. The watch has a black background and has a sterling silver band. On the back of the watch face, you can see the logo for Death Note. The entire piece is made of stainless steel, and it is water-resistant to boot.

The real winner of this watch comes with its secret compartment. There is a little drawer hidden in the watch at the bottom, and it contains a piece of paper. The drawer is big enough to fit a scrap of the Death Note's paper, and Light used this exact watch in the manga. After all, he needed to be able to write down a target's name on the fly, and this watch gave him an easy way to do so.

Currently, this watch is set for a release in Japan, but fans can keep an eye out for it online. After all, this watch may be the thing you need to complete a Death Note cosplay, and it looks sleek enough to wear on a daily basis.


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