Death Note 2 Screenwriter Drops Big Netflix Tease

Death Note remains one of anime's biggest successes with fans both new and old. The supernatural [...]

Death Note remains one of anime's biggest successes with fans both new and old. The supernatural thriller helped elevate the genre back in the 2000s with its compelling story, and Netflix tapped into the series with an adaptation of its own. Several years back, Death Note got a live-action film from the company, and it seems like plans for a sequel haven't been forfeited just yet.

Recently, fans got an unexpected update on the sequel thanks to Twitter. It was there screenwriter Greg Russo teased fans with a vague update which said things are shaking up with Death Note 2.

The comment came after a fan asked Russo about Death Note 2, and the writer could only share the simplest of news. He wrote, "Shaking things up. Got something new and cool in the works with the peeps at Netflix. May take a little while but will be worth the wait. Stay tuned," before adding the Death Note hashtag.

Of course, fans were surprised by the update as nothing has really been said officially about a sequel. Shortly after Death Note's film debuted on Netflix, reports surfaced which suggested a script was in the works. There were no updates given from then on out, but hit seems Russo has kept the project alive while working on other adaptations like Mortal Kombat.

While the writer has been busy with his own projects, the creators of Death Note 2 have been as well. Earlier this year, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata returned to the page together for a special one-shot. The pair revived Death Note for a modern-day take on the supernatural Shinigami, and it explored how technology could change his notebook's use. The one-shot is available to read online through Viz Media's online Shonen Jump library, and we can definitely say the revival is worth a good read.

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