Demon Slayer Looks Fresh with These Custom Sneakers

Demon Slayer's first anime season clearly had a big impact on the world of anime in general, propelling it to "celebrity status" among new and old series alike, and with that popularity comes more fan created works that blow socks off and this custome Nike sneaker perfectly captures the aesthetic of the series and its main character in Tanjiro. Not only using the same color patterns as Tanjiro's attire, but the raging waters that the demon slayer uses as part of his swordsmanship throughout the monster plagues lands, an official version of these sneakers would definitely fit well into any anime fan's collection!

The first season of the anime for Demon Slayer has come and gone, offering us our first in-depth look into the tragic world of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and the other monster hunters that make up the series created by Koyoharu Gotoge. With the franchise propelling to levels where it is even beating the juggernaut that is One Piece when it comes to overall manga sales. Though Demon Slayer's story has come to an end in the manga, there's still plenty of material to cover in the anime, and with the upcoming feature length film of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train adapting one of the biggest arcs of the manga, we're excited to see what lasting ramifications the movie has on the series overall.

Reddit User DJLord7 shared the design for this big Nike Custom that takes the aesthetic of Tanjiro and translates it perfectly onto the side of this sneaker that would make for a nice addition to any anime fan's collection, let alone fans of Demon Slayer as a whole:

My kinda drip. Would you cop? from r/KimetsuNoYaiba

The coronavirus pandemic pushed the first movie in Demon Slayer back from its original release window, announcing that the further adventures of Tanjiro and company fighting aboard a demon infested train would be taking place in 2021. With Ufotable, the studio responsible for animating the insanely popular adventures of the Demon Slayer Corps, having plenty of material to pull from for the future of the series, it will be interesting to see how many more seasons, and/or movies, will be created for the idiosyncratic cast!

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