Demon Slayer's Tsunanori Sakaguchi Passes Away at 86

The Demon Slayer fandom may be large, but it can come together at a moment's notice to honor one of its own. Today, that call is being answered as Tsunanori Sakaguchi has passed away. The beloved artist and calligrapher was 86 years old.

For those unfamiliar with Sakaguchi, you might not know him by name, but you will recognize his work from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The calligrapher contributed to plenty of anime series as his artistry was revered across Japan. Sakaguchi, who also did work under the pen name Eisen Tsunanori, created 57 fonts during his career. Many of these styles were adopted by anime series with Demon Slayer being one of the highest-profile fans.

Sakaguchi came from humble beginnings as he was born in the Kagoshima prefecture back in November 1935. After spending part of his childhood in Taiwan, the calligrapher began his pursuit of art in elementary school before becoming a sign maker's apprentice as a young adult. His career moved along easily enough before Sakaguchi began commercializing his fonts and calligraphy in 2004. Recently, Demon Slayer elevated Sakaguchi's work when the hit series began using two of his fonts. Now, the two designs are available on Adobe and used by millions of fans around the world. 

May he rest in peace. Our thoughts are with the calligrapher's loved ones during this difficult time.