Delayed Detective Conan Movie Announces 2021 Release Date

Detective Conan may not have blown up in the States like other anime, but there are plenty of fans [...]

Detective Conan may not have blown up in the States like other anime, but there are plenty of fans invested in its future. The iconic series still ranks as one of the biggest in Japan, and its movies make a killing upon their release. That is why fans have been patiently waiting for news on its delayed film, and it turns out Detective Conan will not hit the big screen until 2021.

The news came earlier today when the official Twitter for Detective Conan confirmed the new date. Japan was meant to usher in the anime film to theaters back in April, but the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak shuttered that release plan. Now, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet will hit theaters in April 2021.

The year-long delay is rather unprecedented, but Detective Conan is wisely not taking any chances. Over the years, the anime has made insane amounts of money at the box office regardless of its release. Back in 2019, The Fist of Blue Sapphire released and earned a total of 9.3 billion yen. The year before saw Zero the Enforcer earn about 9.2 billion yen. Overall, the franchise has earned nearly 100 billion yen at the box office, so Detective Conan is not going to risk a limited theatrical pool because of the pandemic.

detective conan 2021 movie
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Over in Japan, select theaters have reopened with social distancing restrictions. The theaters have been screening old films such as Your Name to entice wary audiences back into seats. The hope is that the movie industry will be at a new normal by next April, and that is when Detective Conan can rake in all the yen with its delayed movie. It will wait until it can maximize profits, and

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