Hilarious Dragon Ball Merch Lets Fans Perform Vegeta's Final Flash

To say there is a lot of Dragon Ball merchandise out there would be putting it lightly. Over the last 20 years, the franchise has put out lots of collectibles, and many have been forgotten to time. However, it seems one of those lost pieces has resurfaced, and it is all sorts of hilarious.

Taking to Twitter, voice actor Brian Drummond got fans cackling when he posted a video of some old-school merchandise. The actor, who voiced Vegeta in the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z, said he found the toy after 20 years or so.

As you can see above, the video sees Drummond show off his vocal talents while giving fans a tour of the power glove. The item, which seems to be licensed for real, is a white glove like the one Vegeta wore. There is a raised yellow ball in the center of its palm which looks similar to an egg yolk, but it is really means to be a ball of energy. UPDATE: It's a pricey item on eBay these days.

When you press the glove just right, it makes dull explosive noises like Vegeta were firing off an attack. One of its recorded vocal phrases is clearly of Vegeta yelling out Final Flash, but the audio seems to have come from Ryo Horikawa who plays the Saiyan in Japan. The following recording comes from Drummond, and it sees his Vegeta telling Nappa to follow him.

This incredible piece of forgotten merchandise shows just one of the many ways Dragon Ball tried to cash in during the 1990s. The decade ushered the franchise to the global stage, and fans all over the world wanted to be a Saiyan. And if you didn't have the privilege of being born on Planet Vegeta, well - you could at least wear this glove and pretend you were.

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