Dragon Ball Artist Shares Hilarious Take on Dragonball Evolution

Dragon Ball Evolution is legendary and not for any good reasons. The live action North American [...]

Dragon Ball Evolution is legendary and not for any good reasons. The live action North American adaptation of the Dragon Ball series gave us a dizzying story that flubbed the story of Goku and Piccolo's early days at nearly every opportunity. Attempting to follow the story arc presented in the original Dragon Ball anime, the movie which was led by Justin Chatwin and James Marsters as Goku and Piccolo respectively fell short in just about every avenue. Now, one artist of the Akira Toriyama franchise has given us a hilarious meme that displays the film's introduction to Yamcha.

Yamcha, in Dragon Ball Evolution, was portrayed by actor Joon Park, giving us a downright bizarre interpretation of the bandit warrior. Not joined by Puar in this interpretation, Yamcha was instead given something of a "surfer" attitude and those expecting him to unleash the Wolf Fang Fist technique at some point would be sorely disappointed. Much like every other aspect in the film, Yamcha fell short and was introduced to us in a scene wherein he had dug a hole and watched as Goku and his friends fell within it. In all honesty, we wish that this movie had fallen in said hole as well.

Twitter User and Dragon Ball fan Killafoe1 shared the Toyotaro sketch that shows off Yamcha in his initial introduction in Dragon Ball Evolution, high above the heroes that he had trapped in a hole in an attempt to steal the goods from his "victims":

Dragon Ball Evolution is a movie that is so terrible that it can't even be described as "so bad it's good" so don't expect to see a sequel to this coming down the pike any time soon. Though there have been rumors that a Dragon Ball Z live action film may one day to come to pass, we wouldn't expect it to arrive in theaters any time soon!

What do you think of this hilarious Dragon Ball Evolution sketch? Is this movie one of the worst movies you've ever seen? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Dragon Ball!

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