New Dragon Ball Super Chapter Title Teases Vegeta's Rebirth

Dragon Ball Super has been hyping up Vegeta for some time now, and it turns out the Saiyan isn't [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been hyping up Vegeta for some time now, and it turns out the Saiyan isn't going pull a turnaround on fans. The fandom has been waiting for the hero to get a power-up befitting of his status. In the manga, Vegeta teased fans with such a boost after he trained on Yardrat to fight Moro, and the newly released title for chapter 61 has something to say about the move.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super got fans excited for the debut of chapter 61, and it did so by releasing rough drafts of the issue. The artwork, which was done by Toyotaro, follows Vegeta as the Saiyan fights Moro head-on. Of course, this is after Vegeta begged the villain to come at him in chapter 60, and the title of this new issue has fans speculating big time about Vegeta's new power.

After all, the title of chapter 61 is "Reborn Vegeta". This name sounds epic in every day, and fans are curious what Vegeta Reborn means in context. There is always the chance this title is meant figuratively and that some part of Vegeta's character is reborn as he fights Moro. After all, it isn't unheard of for anime heroes to have life-altering revelations while fighting foes.

But on the other hand, fans think Vegeta Reborn could be a more literal title. The power which the hero learned on Yardrat was earned using Spirit Control, and that power source is all about looking for your strength within. This practice combined with the title of chapter 61 has fans curious if Vegeta's power might heal him or give him infinite power for a short spell. And if that is the case, readers will lose their minds later this month when the official chapter debuts.

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