Dragon Ball Gets Studio Ghibli Redesign with This Gorgeous Poster

Dragon Ball has become an institution amongst anime fans, and it is not hard to see why that is [...]

Dragon Ball has become an institution amongst anime fans, and it is not hard to see why that is the case. The original series has a charming lead and a series of colorful villains. Akira Toriyama took care when he crafted the story despite him not knowing its future reputation. And thanks to one artist on Twitter, they have given Son Goku a regal makeover befitting of his status.

You know, by using Studio Ghibli? The famous Japanese company responsible for Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and so many more. The artist Erisdraw3D took the challenge upon their shoulders, and fans admit the stunning makeover needs to happen.

You can check out the drawing below as it features a young Goku standing upon a pillar of earth. Some grass is barely covering the surface as Goku stands on one leg with his weight resting on his infamous red-and-gold pole. Dressed in his usual uniform, Goku looks super cute in this poster as his hair blows back and forth in the wind.

Of course, Goku has a Dragon Ball in one hand, and there is no doubt he is on the hunt for more. The scenery behind Goku is also uniquely beautiful thanks to its Studio Ghibli vibes, so it pictures one of Earth's more peaceful times. After all, the planet seems to attract trouble like a magnet, but Goku tends to be there to stop it.

It shouldn't shock you to learn that Erisdraw3D has been praised for their work, and we cannot help but lend our voice. You might not think a Studio Ghibli reimagining of Dragon Ball would work, but this poster proves it is not the case. Now, fans can do little but imagine what such a movie would look like and whether Master Roshi would even be allowed to take part! Studio Ghibli doesn't take kindly to perverts, after all.

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