Dragon Ball Cosplay Features An Android Reunion With 16 And Gero

While there have been a number of villains that have been brought back to life at times within Dragon Ball Z, two antagonists are still waiting for their chance to be wished back in the forms of Dr. Gero and Android 16, with two cosplayers showing off how they were able to bring these two to life themselves! Though 16 was hardly a villain for the majority of his tenure in the Akira Toriyama series, his death at the hands of Cell remains a pivotal moment in the franchise as it gave Gohan the ability to become a Super Saiyan 2!

Dr. Gero himself first appeared as a part of the Red Ribbon Army, the collective of nefarious evil doers that were a major threat to a young Goku in the original anime series of Dragon Ball. Following the defeat of the Army, Gero swore revenge and attempted to enact it by creating not only a number of androids, but also the biological nightmare known as Cell that was essentially a combination of the DNA from both the heroes and villains of Dragon Ball that appeared prior to his introduction. Though Dragon Ball Super seemingly have no plans to bring either 16 or Gero back, we certainly wouldn't rule it out considering Freeza is back among the land of the living!

Instagram Cosplayer ATMCosplay shared this impressive duo that perfectly captures the menace of both Dr. Gero and his creation of Android 16, long before their demises at the hands of 17 and Cell respectively, showing how the towering android differs significantly from his creator:

We would imagine that should either of these characters return, they would hit the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes before hitting the main continuity of Dragon Ball Super!

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