Dragon Ball Cosplay Powers Up With Ultra Instinct Goku

Dragon Ball Super has introduced several new transformations to the Z Fighters throughout the sequel series, but perhaps none have struck a chord more than Goku's latest technique in Ultra Instinct, with one fan deciding to implement a new take on the new form of the Shonen fighter at New York Comic-Con 2021. With Goku set to return to the world of animation next year with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fans are left wondering if Goku's Ultra Instinct form will make an appearance in the upcoming movie. 

Ultra Instinct is a unique transformation when stacked against the likes of Super Saiyan levels one through three, with the technique relying on a balance between mind and body, as Goku essentially lets his body completely dictate how to handle battles. In the last arc of the manga of Dragon Ball Super, Goku was able to master the transformation but at the loss of the renegade angel who acted as his mentor for a brief time in Merus. While Son has a handle on the new technique during the Granolah The Survivor Arc, it seems as though this power simply isn't enough to take down the bounty hunter who has a serious ax to grind with the Saiyan race and its former master, Freeza.

Instagram Cosplayer Goku Flex shared this impressive take on Goku's most powerful transformation to date, finding the perfect place to show it off between two life-sized statues of Son Goku and Jiren during the Tournament of Power Arc that was shown at this year's New York Comic-Con:

Goku might be appearing in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero but the footage that was revealed during this year's NYCC didn't show the Saiyan employing Ultra Instinct, even when fans spotted a brief scene wherein Son was battling against Broly, with the Legendary Super Saiyan returning in the upcoming movie. While the movie will be exploring several characters that didn't have the opportunity to appear in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it's clear that the main Shonen fighter of the series will have a part to play as the Red Ribbon Army has emerged once again.

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