Dragon Ball Star Pitches the Perfect Goku Funko Pop

The Dragon Ball franchise is full of tons of popular and memorable characters that have been introduced over the course of its three decade long tenure, and this has made it the perfect choice to bring to Funko's line of Pop! figures. This collection has had several Dragon Ball characters join the line already from across its various sagas, and they most recently announced that a new version of Goku would be joining the collection in the near future. But while it's certainly nice looking, there's a much better idea for a new figure floating out there.

The voice behind Goku in the English dub release of the Dragon Ball Super anime, Sean Schemmel, has gone public several times with many of the fun ideas the actor has for where Goku and the rest of the franchise can go. But the Dragon Ball star's clever ideas also apply to new Funko pops as he's pitched quite the elaborate and cool sounding collectible.

As Schemmel pitches, "My idea for a [Funko Pop] of Goku is Goku powering up but it has a base that he stands on that looks like the ground and has rocks and pebbles on it attached to small nylon threads. There are air holes in the base and a fan inside that will blow the rocks onto the air making them [appear to levitate]"

Funko's line of Pop figure collectibles have gotten more advanced and adventurous through the years, and are at a much different state now than when they first launched. So while a fan inside the figure might seem like it might be too elaborate, the team at Funko could certainly make some version of Schemmel's idea come to life. Each time Goku powers up it's a visual marvel, so if this can be captured in Funko in some way it's sure to be a top seller!


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