‘Dragon Ball GT' Exec Reveals Why Pan Never Went Super Saiyan

Over the years, fans of Dragon Ball have learned a lot about the Super Saiyan form. Just recently, Akira Toriyama shared the biological secret behind the power-up, but fans have long wondered why characters like Pan never went Super Saiyan back in Dragon Ball GT.

Well, you don't have to guess at the reason any longer. Thanks to Kazenshuu, an interview with producer Kozo Morishita is now available for fans to read, and the exec explains why Pan never did go Super Saiyan.

When Morishita was asked about Pan's avoidance of the form, the producer said the heroine never went Super Saiyan because Dragon Ball GT had a very specific role for her to fill.

"Dragon Ball GT has an episode where Pan is turned into a doll, but that episode established the pattern of 'Pan sets the incident in motion while Goku resolves it,'" Morishita said.

"It would break that pattern to make Pan a Super Saiyan and strong. But perhaps Pan could have become a Super Saiyan if the episode where she was turned into a doll had been a later one."

So, there you have it. Dragon Ball GT didn't keep Pan from going Super Saiyan due to her lack of Saiyan blood. It all came down to the character being someone whom Goku needed to save, and the Super Saiyan power-up would have made that need unnecessary.

In the past, Akira Toriyama has commented on Pan and her Super Saiyan hesitancy. As a previous Daizenshuu installment revealed, Pan didn't have to worry about being a quarter-Saiyan. After all, Goku Jr. was able to go Super Saiyan despite being Pan's great-great-grandson. The simple fact is that Gohan's daughter needed to be a damsel in distress for Dragon Ball GT to play up Goku's power, so that is how the show operated.


So, who knows? Maybe Toriyama will sign off on Pan getting her own Super Saiyan transformation in the future. Do you hope Pan will get to show off her own take on the power-up? Hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to let me know and talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!