Dragon Ball Sees Xeno Trunks Take on Beerus

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is now making its way through the second season of the promotional anime series with the latest episode, and it has kicked off a major battle to save the multiverse as a strange tree has popped up and begins to drain the energies of all the planets in the various universes. After teasing the much anticipated rematch between Goku and Beerus toward the end of the first episode, this newest episode of the series gave us a fight that wasn't really expected at first as Xeno Trunks squared off against Beerus.

The Big Bang Mission arc of the promotional anime series introduced the Z-Fighters in the mainline universe to the Xeno version of Future Trunks. Unlike their Trunks, this one has been fighting and growing stronger as a member of the Time Patrol and has now appeared in this universe to help save it from Fu's Universe Tree.

As Beerus began attacking Goku and Vegeta in an attempt to destroy the godly bird Tokitoki, fans were given a brief example of just how Super Saiyan Blue's power stacks up to Beerus. There might be debates as to how strong it makes Goku and Vegeta, but in this episode they were batted away quite easily. There's an argument for how little they are investing in the fight overall, but soon Xeno Trunks jumps into the fight.

Swinging his sword, Beerus stops it with a single finger. Unfortunately, before we see how the rest of the fight breaks out Fu arrives and reveals that this small confrontation was also a part of his plan. The Gods of Destruction had mistake Tokitoki for Fu's bird of destruction, and thus Xeno Trunks now has a new mission to save the multiverse.

Teaming together with Goku and Vegeta, the three of them are now making an effort to destroy the Universe Tree before it absorbs the multiverse and Fu is able to create a new one in his own image. But as the new season continues, there are all sorts of opportunities to see more of Xeno Trunks in action.


What do you think of Xeno Trunks so far? Interested to see how he would stack up to Beerus at full power? Which opponents would be a great fit for Beerus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!