Dragon Ball: How to Nab Senzu Bean Candy for Halloween

Dragon Ball has put its heroes through the wringer, but they know there is a quick way to heal up after they're beaten down. Senzu beans are a thing of huge importance to Universe 7, and the Z-Fighters know it. From Goku to Yamcha, no fighter is too good for the treat, and fans have long wondered when they can get their own Senzu beans. And if you want to have some lying around for Halloween, you can suit up like Goku for real with a bag full of beans.

Well, jelly beans actually. Senzu beans are just a piece of Akira Toriyama's imagination, but thanks to the team at Boston America, there are Senzu bean-flavored candy sours that fans can snack on.

If you are looking for some personal packs, you can nab boxes over at Candy Funhouse. The boxes are shipped from Canada to the United States or within the country. Each box costs just over $3.00 USD before shipping and taxes. So if you want to nab a couple of boxes, you can nab the fruity sour Senzu beans.

dragon ball senzu bean

However, if you are looking to buy some of these Dragon Ball candies in bulk, that is possible. ToyWiz is selling display boxes of the Senzu beans, and they come in batches of 12 boxes. This will be a bit pricy as the packs cost $60.00 a pop. But if you are dedicated to your Saiyan costume, you can never have enough candy. Goku would most certainly approve of that!

Do you think you will be nabbing any of these candies for the holiday? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.