'Dragon Ball Super' Proves Why Android 18 & Krillin Are Couple Goals

Android 18 and Krillin have been one of Dragon Ball's more surprising and successful love stories, [...]

Android 18 and Krillin have been one of Dragon Ball's more surprising and successful love stories, and the last episode of Dragon Ball Super just proved how strong that love is.

The remaining fighters from Universe 2 attempt to attack a weakened Goku, and Android 17 and 18 jump in to save the day. Android 17 split off to fight Rozie, while Android 18 was stuck with the lovelorn Ribrianne.

Throughout the fight Ribrianne had insulted Android 18's seeming lack of love, but Android 18 proved her and everyone wrong in the best way, but punching her in the giant face and eliminating her from the Tournament of Power.

When Android 18 gets the upper hand on Ribrianne, Ribrianne grows desperate enough to rely on power from the eliminated Universe 2 fighters. Growing to an insane size, she towers over 18. Android 18, feeling hopeless in this situation, thinks back to what's important to her and has thoughts of her and Krillin's home life with their daughter, Marron.

Krillin cheering her on finally snapped her out of her funk, and with this newly reformed determination, Android 18 is able to scale Ribrianne's giant form and defeat her in one of the coolest scenes in the "Universal Survival" arc.

Hilariously Shin uses this moment to celebrate Android 18's love for Krillin, but he's quickly shut down by 18's cold glance and a threat to kill him:

Android 18 has had trouble expressing her affections for Krillin in Dragon Ball Super, but the two often place the safety of their daughter before everything else. In fact, 18 once tried to use a Dragon Ball wish to make Krillin a perfect gift. At the start of the "Universal Survival" arc, she boosted Krillin's self esteem each time he doubted his strength.

In fact, she only entered the Tournament of Power on the promise of enough prize money to live a good life with her family. Finding out the true nature of the tournament certainly gave her extra motivation, but each moment she is shown she's just trying her best to live a happy family life with Krillin.

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