Dragon Ball Super Artist Reveals Granolah's Bounty Hunter Origins

Dragon Ball Super has revealed the first chapter of the 'Granolah The Survivor Arc' giving us more [...]

Dragon Ball Super has revealed the first chapter of the "Granolah The Survivor Arc" giving us more insight into the personality and background of the brand new character that is sure to have long-lasting implications on the universe of the Z Fighters and an artist for Akira Toriyama's manga has revealed new details about this enigmatic new brawler. As mentioned, Granolah is a bounty hunter, bouncing around the galaxy looking for his next big score, which has placed him right into the aftermath of the Moro Arc as he procured the remains of the Moro henchman, OG-73i!

In a recent interview with the publication of V-Jump, the Dragon Ball artist known as Toyotaro went into detail about the upcoming events and characters that we will be seeing in the next big arc of the Shonen franchise. Breaking down the origins of Granolah, the bounty hunter is the last member of an alien race known as the "Cerealians", who apparently were destroyed in the past by the Saiyans that were under the control of Freeza. In the latest manga chapter, Granolah has learned that Freeza is in fact alive, having been wished back in the "Resurrection of F" storyline and cannot contain his excitement when it comes to getting revenge for his people.

Twitter User Herms98 shared this latest interview from V Jump, not just going into detail about Granolah's past, but also teasing at some big revelations that are coming down the pike for fans of Dragon Ball Super in the latest arc of the manga following the conclusion of Moro's reign of terror:

Granolah holds an origin that is somewhat similar to that of the Dragon Ball GT villain known as Baby, an alien from the race of Truffles who had the ability to possess fighters that he encountered. While the two characters seem extremely different when it comes to their personalities, they both have an ax to grind with the Saiyan race it would seem.

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