Dragon Ball Super Promo Introduces a New Gang of Villains

Dragon Ball Super's newest promo has introduced a new gang of villains to the series! The new "Granola The Survivor" arc is about to drop in the manga, and apparently, it will bring a gang of evildoers along with the mysterious new warrior named Granola. This new gang of villains can be spotted in the new trailer for the Granola arc, which you can watch below. Their design seems like that of evil space pirates with possible comedic overtones - matching the same fantasy/Steampunk vibe we got with Granola. Based on the translations of this new promo, these new villains could play a part in the most pivotal Dragon Ball Super story yet.

Here's the translation of the promo (via Reddit):

DBS New Arc: Granola the Survivor
Once, a tragedy occurred on a certain planet
The survivor of that hell, Granola
Granola: “I’ll get revenge on that bastard Freeza…”
His desire for revenge will radically alter the balance of power in the universe.
Ultra Instinct Son Goku
And Vegeta, who seeks to catch up with him
Vegeta: “I’ll surpass Kakarot using a different method.”
Plus an emerging new power in Universe 7
From amongst these…
The greatest warrior in the universe will be born…
Oracle Fish: “It will be born soon…The greatest warrior in the universe…”

While anime fan/translator Herms98 hyped fans up for this mysterious new villain squad with this clarification:

At first glance, this villain gang looks like a band of space pirates, with a flamboyant flair. Their leader looks like a grandstanding talker; the big guy is the muscle; but as fans have quickly pointed out, that creepy little guy in the back left of the group image may be the one to really keep your eye on. He looks sinister in that classic Dragon Ball Z way; it wouldn't be shocking if he ended up emerging as the true powerhouse threat in the group. Don't say we didn't warn you.


The lead-in to Dragon Ball Super's Granola Arc saw Granola take possession of Android OG73, the pivotal henchman from the Moro Arc. OG73 is a walking stockpile of powers copied from the most powerful warriors and beings from across the universe (including Ultra Instinct Goku). In the wrong hands (like this space pirate gang) OG73 and the other androids from his line could really be the most powerful army for anyone to command.

Dragon Ball Super's new Granola The Survivor arc is now unfolding in Free Online Manga chapters. Dragon Ball anime is on indefinite hiatus.