'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Reveals Freeza’s First Meeting With Saiyans

The second trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly shows that the movie will give fans some never-before-seen background on Saiyan history, and Freeza's imperial rule.

The second trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly blew all expecatations out of the water, revealing some incredible cameos that no one was expecting and totally changing the apparent course of the movie. It showed a remarkable amount of footage in flashbacks, when the Saiyans were still under Freeza's rule and Goku, Vegeta and Broly were babies. It also showed one ominous clip where Freeza apparently landed on Planet Vegeta amongst the Saiyan race for the first time.

The trailer opened with a whole fleet of Freeza's ships flying over a planet -- apparently Vegeta itself. Zarbon, Dodoria and the Ginyu Force flew out front as the main ship touched down in a courtyard, with Saiyans kneeling in submission all around it. As Freeza walked down the ramp, he greeted the warrior race for what sounded like the first time. One shot showed him holding his arms out wide before the kneeling masses, while another showed him leaning forward condescendingly.

Pleased to meet you," he said. It was unclear if this line was aimed at the crowd or a specific character among them, but the next shot showed King Vegeta -- our Vegeta's father -- on his knees in apparent terror.

"The Saiyans should follow Freeza's orders," the monarch said.

This has many fans wondering how severely the movie will ret-con the Freeza-Saiyan timeline. In the past, specials like Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - Father of Goku have seemed to imply that the Saiyans were under Freeza's rule for generations before he destroyed their planet. They were portrayed as complacent in his military, and Bardock was a maverick for disobeying him.

However, many of those old origin stories were not handled by series creator Akira Toriyama himself, while this story was. Toriyama concocted Dragon Ball Super: Broly as a space opera-esque take on the Saiyan origin story, as well as a way to fold Broly into the official canon.


Still, no one predicted that the movie would completely alter their assumptions about the history ofo Sasiyan culture. The new trailer has fans even more excited for this movie, wondering what else could be in store that we have yet to get a hint about.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits theaters in Japan on Jan. 16. It will then premiere in NOrth America on Jan. 16, 2019.