Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Impresses By Resurrecting The Mother Of Goku, Gine

Dragon Ball Super: Broly didn't just introduce us to a brand new interpretation of Broly that would become a part of the main series' continuity, it gave us a more in-depth look into the mother of Goku, Gine, and one fan has done an impressive job of creating a Cosplay that does the Saiyan warrior justice. While we still don't know a TON about Goku's mother before the end of Planet Vegeta at the hands of Freeza, it's clear that she cared for her sons Goku and Raditz before the end and had an impact on the life of Bardock.

As mentioned earlier, we didn't get to know a lot about Gine before the end from the recently released feature length film of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but we certainly got to know more than we once did with the flashback showing us the day to day life of Bardock's mate. Much like the other Saiyans that populated the Planet Vegeta, Gine was a lover of food, creating dishes for Bardock while he was away travelling to other planets in favor of the Saiyan race. Before Planet Vegeta was destroyed, both Bardock and Gine wished their son Goku well as they blasted him off of the soon to be dead planet where he would land on Earth and be adopted by the martial artist Gohan.

Instagram Cosplayer EmilyRexz shared this amazing cosplay that shows off the mother of Goku in typical Saiyan armor, with Gine hopefully receiving more of a background in the future of the Dragon Ball Super series so that we can learn more about the warrior:


While Bardock seemingly survived, flung into the past thanks to Freeza's energy ball, it's fairly obvious that Gine died on the Planet Vegeta along with the majority of the Saiyan race. Still, we're crossing our fingers that we are able to see more of the mother of Goku in the future!

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