'Dragon Ball Super' Dub Episode 76 Recap With Spoilers

Krillin's reawakened his fighting spirit after a long bout of avoiding fights in Dragon Ball [...]

Krillin's reawakened his fighting spirit after a long bout of avoiding fights in Dragon Ball Super, and now that he's conquered his demons he's ready to take on even the supremely strong Goku.

Find out just what kind of training Krillin completed below, and catch up with the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super on Toonami!

  1. In search of a training partner, Goku finds Krillin and the two venture to a special place to gather an herb for Master Roshi. This puts them face to face with their past foes (such as Saiyan arc Vegeta, Freeza, Cell and Majin Buu among others), and Goku and Krillin quickly figure out that they're not illusions as they begin attacking.
  2. Krillin is frozen in terror when he comes face-to-face with Tambourine, who killed him during the King Piccolo saga in Dragon Ball, and Freeza, who killed him during the Namek saga, Dabura, who turned him into a statue, and Buu, who ate him during the Buu Saga. One of the evil illusions eventually turns into Bulma, and this terrifies Krillin some more.
  3. It turns out this a plan from Master Roshi and Baba to send Krillin to the Forest of Terror in order to shake Krillin's fear as they face memories of their past battles. Goku and Krillin then fire a Kamehameha Wave from above, and it destroys the illusions.
  4. Krillin wonders how Goku can be so happy since they've been beaten by these foes so many times. He says he's scared, and not like Goku in that he doesn't want to fight if it means going through all that pain again. The forest then traps the two of them there and summons giant versions of the past foes. Krillin is knocked to the ground, and Android 18 hates to watch but she knows that Krillin is trying to overcome himself.
  5. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 to fight, but he stops himself and calms himself down. Doing so disperses the illusions, and now Master Roshi wonders if Krillin can figure to do the same as Goku. Krillin's stuck in a cave full of giant Nappas and Freezas, and when he uses his Solar Flare he realizes the illusions are tracking his energy.
  6. Calming himself, the illusions stop moving. The more frightened he became, the stronger they got so he vows to surpass his past and keep moving forward declaring that it's his new self. Eventually Goku and Nimbus (who he had called to find Krillin without flying) are captured by "Super Shenron."
  7. Krillin gathers his energy to draw its attention, and hits it with a supercharged punch. He and Goku then use the Kamehameha Wave to blow it away as Master Roshi's sought after herbs begin sprouting from the ground.
  8. Krillin tells Goku he'll become a martial artist again for Marron's sake as he and Goku figure out Master Roshi's real motives to help Krillin better control himself. Krillin even cuts his hair back to his classic look as the episode comes to an end.

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