Did 'Dragon Ball Super' Really Just Eliminate [SPOILER]?

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 119 of Dragon Ball Super below!

The Tournament of Power was whittled down to its final four universes, so the stakes are now higher than ever. That's especially true for the fighters of Universe 7 as the remaining fighters of the other universes barrel down on them.

That's especially true for Piccolo, as he was the latest member of Universe 7 eliminated from the Tournament of Power thanks to some trickery from Universe 4.

With Universes 3,4,7, and 11 remaining and only 13 minutes or so left to go, Universe 4's Quitela has his universe finally enact their plan. The episode preview for 119 teased an invisible enemy attacking Universe 7, and Universe 4's final three competitors surely gave them a ton of problems eventually leading to the elimination of Piccolo.

The first of the three was the much teased invisible enemy, Gamisaras. Nearly eliminating Vegeta, Android 18, Gohan, and Piccolo before they regained their footing. Gamisaras was eventually revealed to be an invisible chameleon like enemy who had been suppressing their Ki presence. Even Piccolo's Super Explosive Demon Wave didn't work against the enemy.

Continuing the trend of Piccolo using techniques he had not be seen using since the early days of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo often found falling prey to each member of Universe 4's tricks. An enemy forced Gohan and Piccolo to see illusions, until Piccolo spots the true root of the problem and eliminates it from the tournament.

The last fighter, however, was what eventually took Piccolo down. A seemingly invisible enemy was both masking their presence, and when Piccolo sense where it was, he attacked and missed. Meaning Universe 4's fighter was able to get the drop on Piccolo and eliminated him from the tournament.

This mysterious enemy was eventually revealed to be Damon, who wasn't invisible but instead the size of an insect. It explained why Piccolo, or any other Universe 7 fighter, could get a good hit on the fighter since he was too small to land a hit on.

Since Piccolo has been eliminated, it leaves Universe 7 with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Freeza, and Android 17 and Android 18 left to defend Universe 7. Only 12 minutes and three universes remain as the Tournament narrows down to its final competitors.


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