‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases Vegeta's Big Battle with New Stills

Dragon Ball Super may have been off this week, but the wait will be worth it for fans. When the show comes back next week, Vegeta will find himself face-to-face with Jiren, and Toei Animation just teased the showdown over on Twitter.

Taking to social media, Dragon Ball Super shared preview stills from episode 122. The episode, which will debut on January 7, will follow Vegeta as the Saiyan steps in for Goku to fight Jiren. And, as you can see below, the episode’s stills look pretty intense.

Clearly, Vegeta looks plenty perturbed with his furrowed brow, and the guy’s gritted teeth do not bode well. His uniform has been scorched by Jiren's attacks already, and the chest plate he’s wearing as a concerning bit chipped off right over his pecks.

Vegeta isn’t the only hero shown in Toei Animation’s new teaser. Goku, Jiren, and Gohan also got a moment in the spotlight. For Goku, the Saiyan is shown in a close-up looking focused as he stares straight ahead. His face is covered in scratches, and the following still reveals just who the Saiyan is glaring at.

Of course, Goku’s target is none other than Jiren. The fighter is seen staring at the Universe 7 hero with a blank face, but Jiren's narrowed eyes give away his mounting frustration. After all, the Pride Trooper did think he'd seen the last of Goku following their first battle.


When it comes to Gohan, the other Saiyan is seen charging up an energy blast for an opponent. The hero’s face is partially covered his glowing attack, but Gohan fans can clearly see his iconic bang. The hairstyle goes to show Gohan will use his Ultimate form during his next match, so Toppo better be careful. The Universe 11 fighter is strong, but Gohan's mystical transformation is a hard one to read.

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