'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Are Wondering If Toei's Previews Are Trying to Fake Them Out

Fans reacted positively to the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, but the summaries Toei released beforehand ended up being much different than the final product.

The episode synopsis for episode 118 turned out to be leagues away from its actual content, and it has lead fans to wonder whether or not Toei Animation is just messing with them.

The first example of the wildly diverging synopsis was for the most recent episode, which teased that Freeza would try and attack "paralyzed" warriors from Universe 2 and get mad when Goku eliminated them first instead. But fans who watch Episode 118 noticed none of the events of even came close.

Freeza instead was shown watching Goku's battle with the three remaining Universe 2 fighters from afar, and mentioned that it was a shame that Goku had not achieved Ultra Instinct for the third time. In fact, the only ones involved with that fight were Goku, Android 17, and 18.

Universe 2's final fighters also never had a moment where they were paralyzed. In fact it was the other way around, as thanks to a hilarious new transformation, Zirloin and the rest of Universe 2 gained enough power for the "Pretty Black Hole" which put a gravitational pressure on Goku.

The next example comes at the end of the episode from the preview for 119. The titled Toei teased in the Shonen Jump was "Another Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!" The title appearing during the official preview, however, turned out to be "Unavoidable?! The Fury of a Stress Attack!!"

Fans are wondering if the final title of the episode was changed due to potentially giving too much away, but the episode preview even goes as far as to tease major eliminations and attacks from Universe 4 anyway.


Regardless, with these latest changes from synopsis teases to official broadcast, fans are certainly going to be more cautious before pursuing Dragon Ball theories.

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