‘Dragon Ball Super' Just Debuted One Of Goku's Best Fights Of All-Time

Over the years, the Dragon Ball franchise has had its share of fights. Goku and Freeza redefined anime action with their insanely long fight in Dragon Ball Z, and fans still freak out of Goku’s bout with Majin Vegeta. Dragon Ball Super has had a handful of intense battles, but fans are calling it now.: Goku’s battle with Jiren is about to make the Saiyan’s list of all-time favorites.

Earlier tonight, Dragon Ball Super dropped its long-awaited special after a week hiatus. The show made sure to dedicate the one-long event to Goku and Jiren’s fight, but it was the former who wound up shining through - literally.

As you can see here, Goku went head-to-head against Jiren in a battle which truly lived up to the hype. The Pride Trooper approached Goku to battle after being ordered to take out the Saiyan by his own gods. Goku tested the fighter out first, seeing how Jiren would react to his various transformations. When Super Saiyan 2 didn’t even phase his opponent, Goku went into Super Saiyan God out of curiosity.

Spoiler: It didn’t work.

As the battle raged on, Goku pulled out his Super Saiyan Blue form and even fused it with his maxed-out Kaio-Ken. The transformation did little against Jiren, and Goku even saw his Spirit Bomb fail to hurt the Universe 11 leader in the slightest.

With no strength left, Goku found himself knocked unconscious by Jiren, but the Saiyan was not done yet. In a moment that might be Dragon Ball Super’s most dramatic yet, Goku rose back up after having undertaken a new form. The power put Goku back on the same playing field as Jiren, but the Gods of Destruction were stunned by the hero’s transformation. Beerus says the power Goku is using is one that only the gods can use, but it is clear Goku isn’t great with the power-up just yet. After all, he gets knocked out of it sooner rather than later.


Dragon Ball Super's latest battle is surely the best the series has had to offer yet, and it deserves a spot amongst Goku’s greatest battles. The fight truly put Goku in a place of desperation as he saw each of his forms fail time and again. Jiren is the opponent the Saiyan has been dreaming about, and Goku wish to fight someone who could truly challenge him was met with pain. Jiren was put on a pedestal by Goku the moment they met, and the hero now has a way to fight back against Jiren despite his insane power. So, here’s to hoping Dragon Ball Super can one-up itself soon with the pair’s second match.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami also airs the English dub on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.

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