Dragon Ball Super Reveals Whether Goku Is Worried About Moro

Goku is a hero who knows no fear. Time and again, the Saiyan has thrown himself into battle [...]

Goku is a hero who knows no fear. Time and again, the Saiyan has thrown himself into battle without thinking much of himself. Fans have learned Goku will fight just about anyone or anything if it means he can test himself, but they wondered whether he saw Moro the same. After all, the villain is one of the strongest he's faced yet, but Goku put aside those fears in a recent update.

Dragon Ball Super addressed the question head on in its latest chapter. The manga followed Goku as he finally made his way back to Earth, and he was itching to find Moro. First, the Saiyan needed to get some details from Krillin, and it was there the fighter asked Goku if he was worried for once.

"I still don't know much about him myself. He could still be hiding some of his power," Goku explained before giving Krillin a bit of good news. "Nah, it's more like I'm super excited!"

So there you have it. Goku is one of the only beings alive who would look at a fight with Moro as an exciting ordeal. Not even the Grand Supreme Kai was eager to fight Moro back in the day, but he had to out of necessity. That doesn't go for Goku, but the hero wants to take out Moro to both challenge himself and save the planet he's unofficially promised to protect.

Now, the question comes down to whether Goku can beat Moro this time. The pair fought once before, and the villain got in an easy win. The baddie is able to eat energy which puts Goku and Vegeta at a disadvantage since they cannot go Super Saiyan. It seems Goku is relying on Ultra Instinct to see him through now, so here's to hoping his training with Merus has done him some good. It is just going to be him and Moro fighting one-on-one until Vegeta makes his eventual arrival, and Earth is relying on Goku to keep mankind safe in the meantime.

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