Dragon Ball Super Sees Goku Unleash an Ultra Instinct Upgrade of an Iconic Attack

Dragon Ball Super has finally reached the big, climatic, battle of its "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, as Goku faces the evil sorcerer Planet-Eater Moro in a final showdown. Like any Dragon Ball storyline, Moro nearly brought Earth and its Z-Fighters to the brink of annihilation, before a last-minute save (from a literal angel) brought Goku and co. the time they needed to recover and regroup. For his final battle with Moro, Goku, at last, mastered the godly power of Perfected Ultra Instinct. However, the new power-up was also put to good use beefing up some of Goku's old attacks - like the Super Dragon Punch!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super manga SPOILERS Follow!

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 64 we find Goku still reeling after the death of his mentor, the angel Merus, who violated divine laws by intervening to save Goku and Earth from Moro. Goku is no stranger to how extreme emotion and grief can push a Saiyan into a new limit breaks (see his first Super Saiyan transformation), but in order to perfect Ultra Instinct, a different kind of approach is needed. Goku remembers Merus' training about calming of spirit, and not letting emotion control the fight; through that zen-like focus, Goku masters Ultra Instinct.

Moro might be the strongest and most fearsome villain Dragon Ball has debuted so far, but once Goku levels up with Ultra Instinct, the villain doesn't stand a chance. The previous fight and magical techniques that made Moro seemingly unstoppable (and a god-level threat) are suddenly useless and feeble against Goku's speed and power on both offense and defense.

Naturally, seeing himself suddenly become so inadequate against Goku throws Moro into an all-out rage, and the villain sparks his full power in order to end the fight. Instead, Moro doesn't even get a single hit in; instead, Goku pulls out the strange energy-net technique he used to subdue Broly (as seen during their one-on-one fight in Dragon Ball Super: Broly), and freezes Moro in a place hovering on air. With his target perfectly frozen in place, Goku delivers an Ultra Instinct Dragon Fist punch right into Moro's midsection!

Dragon Ball Super Goku Ultra Instinct Dragon Punch Moro
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

The hit is so hard that it sends a shockwave across the entire Earth, and leaves Moro hanging in low orbit a bit before he comes crashing back down to Earth. The move is so flawless and powerful that even Beerus has to finally stop and acknowledge just what Goku has achieved.


The Dragon Fist is one of Goku's most versatile attacks, as it changes alongside the new transformations and powers that Goku develops. This lastest Ultra Instinct version was quite a spectacle - we can't wait to see it in anime form!

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.