Dragon Ball Releases New Big Bang Mission Synopsis

Dragon Ball tends to stay busy between its anime and manga, so fans are always eager to see what's coming up next for the franchise. If Dragon Ball Super isn't up to something in the manga, there is always a treat to look forward to with Super Dragon Ball Heroes. That is the case this week since the latter just put out a new episode, and it came with a synopsis for what's coming next month.

The new synopsis surfaced online after the seventh Big Bang Mission episode launched. The update put a focus on Goku and Vegeta as the pair were pitted against Fuu. Now, it seems that the battle will continue into October as a synopsis for episode eight promises to extend the fight.

"Abducted by Towa, Time Patrollers learn about her true purpose. Meanwhile, a fierce fight begins between Goku and Vegeta and Fuu," the synopsis reads via translator Chronicles on Twitter.

dragon ball heroes
(Photo: Bandai / Shueisha)

"To counter Cumber's evil aura, they fuse to become Vegito while Fuu transforms into Super Fuu. Amidst the entanglement of their goals, a dazzling light is suddenly emitted from the Universe Tree."


As you can see, things are about to get shaky for this Big Bang Mission arc. Not only are the Time Patrol soldiers missing in action, but FuU is ready to go Super Saiyan. The villain has created a form similar to the one Goku debuted years ago, and he also has Cumber's energy on his side. It will fall to Goku and Vegeta to take him down. But given Fuu's track record, it seems unlikely they will succeed... especially if the Universe Tree starts acting up midway through the battle!

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