Dragon Ball Just Made a Comeback for a Certain Evil Saiyan

Dragon Ball Super fans like nothing more than to meet a Saiyan. From Goku to Vegeta, even the most gnarly of Saiyans brings something new to the franchise. Of course, that means fans were all excited when a spin-off series introduced a man known as the Evil Saiyan, and it turns out that character is making a comeback to the Dragon Ball stage.

The update came in the most recent installment of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The franchise revived itself this month with its seventh Big Band Mission episode. As you can imagine, fans were eager to see what was up with this update, and it checked in on Goku and Vegeta as they learned about Cumber's return.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the villain has much to do right now. The last time fans saw the Saiyan was a rough one. Cumber had been beaten thoroughly in battle, and Fu felt it was time to retire the Saiyan. After all, he had taken one too many losses to appease the scientist. However, it seems Cumber has something that Fu needs to carry on his insane research projects.

And what could that be? Well, it turns out Cumber was captured by Fu for his corruptive aura. The energy that Cumber exudes when he powers up is caustic, to say the least. It has the ability to corrupt others and make them go berserk. Fu has found a way to harness that energy for himself, and he uses it against our Universe 7 Saiyans. Neither Goku nor Vegeta saw the attack coming. But after breaking free of the aura's grip, the pair were able to circumvent things by fusing into Vegito. Now, it is only a matter of time before Cumber breaks free of Fu's grip, and then there is no telling what the evil Saiyan will do from there.

What do you think about this Saiyan's return? What would you like to see Cumber do with this comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.