'Dragon Ball Super' Hints at Jiren's Mysterious Origins

As Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power enters its final rounds, fans are eager to see more from Jiren, the all-powerful Pride Trooper fighter from Universe 11. After making his is power felt by beating down opponents around the mid-point of the tournament (including Goku), Jiren has been quietly meditating, presumably gathering even more strength for the final battle to come.

However, while we wait for Jiren's return to the ring and epic rematch with Goku, the Dragon Ball Super manga is dropping new clues that help to fill in the Pride Trooper's backstory:

As this backstory from the manga details, Jiren is actually a renowned hero and almost saintly servant of peace and justice in Universe 11, placing the welfare of others as his highest mission. In fact, when Toppo wants to recruit Jiren for the Tournament of Power, the enigmatic warrior only does so on the condition that he can leave on a moment's notice if Universe 11 needs him!

Of course, the real juicy nugget of detail in the manga scene described above is this: Jiren has a secret wish he wants to make, which is his entire motivation for fighting in the Tournament of Power.

This reveal adds a thicker level of intrigue to the Tournament of Power. In the beginning it seemed simple to root for Goku and the Universe 7 team to win, and therefore avoid universal destruction, as they are the heroes we know and love. At this point, however, powerhouse fighters from other universes like Hit, the Universe 6 Saiyans, and Jiren, have shown enough nobility and character to convince fans to root for them just as hard.

Jiren has been a particular focus of debate, as many fans don't agree with the Universe 11 fighter being labled as "the villain" or "antagonist" of the Tournament of Power/Universe Survival arc. Clearly that label is getting harder and harder to stick on Jiren, as it's become clear that he may be a bigger hero than Goku!

Now if we could just learn what Jiren wants with the Super Dragon Balls... Could it be something so noble and benevolent that the Pride Trooper should be allowed to win the Tournament? For the good of all universes?


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