'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Just Nerfed Tien And Krillin Hard

Dragon Ball Super's anime may be done, but its manga is alive and well. While the TV series is away, creator Akira Toriyama promised fans the manga would occupy them for the time being, and its most recent chapter did just that. The update brought fans even deeper into its take on the Tournament of Power, and fans were stunned by Krillin and Tien in particular.

However, it looks like the duo surprised fans for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks to Viz Media, chapter 34 of Dragon Ball Super is up to read for free. The manga, which is penned by the artist Toyotaro, begins with Team 7 talking strategy as the big tournament gets underway. They are disrupted by a huge robot, and Krillin manages to evade the attack. Sadly, he is not able to do the same when Frost comes behind him.

Within the first three pages of chapter 34, Krillin gets eliminated from the whole event. Frost knocks the fighter out of bounds, leaving Krillin to hover outside the arena asking whether that seriously just happened. And, as you might have guessed, Beerus wasn't too happy about the super early elimination.

Not long after, Tien finds himself at the mercy of Frost as well. One moment, the man was helping Master Roshi flee from Frost, and he even used Chi Kung Pao to do so. After the attack puttered out, fans saw Frost was still standing after the blast, and the Universe 6 fighter quickly knocked Tien from the arena as well.


For readers, the double-elimination was stunning to see since Dragon Ball Super gave both fighters more time to battle in the anime. They men may not have gotten a ton of additional time, but Krillin went out after doing a tag-team match with his wife Android 18. As for Tien, the martial artist pulled out all his stops before he was outed by Hermila of Universe 2. These two fighters didn't even get a chance to — well — fight before they were taken out of the tournament. So, if you want to see even a tiny bit of their un-nerfed skill, you will have to check out the anime.

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