Dragon Ball: Moro Has Thrown Goku Back to the Saiyan and Namek Arcs

Dragon Ball Super is painting a picture that is reminiscent of one we've seen before, with Goku arriving in the nick of time to save the rest of the Z Fighters against an extraterrestrial threat like the days of both the Saiyan Saga and Namek Saga! The Moro Arc may have a villain that is vastly different from the likes of Vegeta and Freeza, but the story beats of this latest arc certainly feel more like an arc from Dragon Ball Z than the current anime series. The question now is whether this is good or bad for the franchise?

Warning! If you haven't the had opportunity to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some spoiler territory!

With the Z Fighters losing in their brawls against Moro and his henchmen, Goku has once again arrived to deliver a possible victory for his friends who could certainly use it. With Moro's unique ability to swipe energy and make it his own, it seems as if Goku's current mastery of Ultra Instinct may come in serious handy for the war against the ancient wizard. Whether or not this will be enough is a different story, but it places Goku once again into the role of the savior for the rest of his Z Fighter friends!

In both the Saiyan Saga and Namek Saga, the Z Fighters were placed in a similar predicament, facing the likes of Vegeta and Freeza but ultimately falling short. While the first major arcs of Dragon Ball Super tended to vary things up a little, the current Moro arc is playing on the tropes of previous arcs in the world of Dragon Ball Z to get its story across. With Goku once again taking the role of head honcho, there have been a lot of fans that are pulling for Vegeta to actually become the savior this time around.


Dragon Ball is a series that can sometimes be a bit too predictable for its own good, setting up a storyline where Goku is the only one who can be the one to save the day. Though Ultra Instinct certainly adds a new wrinkle, we have to wonder if this latest arc may turn away certain fans, but attract others!

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