Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Only Way Angels Can Die

Dragon Ball didn't have to worry too much about angels in its early days, but things have changed since then. The advent of Dragon Ball Super introduced the franchise to a greater mythos involving actual gods and angels. These days, Universe 7 is very friendly with its all-powerful overseers, but it seems like angels do have one weakness.

It turns out the fighters can be killed. The only problem is that not everyone can kill them, and that might rub Goku the wrong way down the line.

Recently, fans found out this little fact about angels when Whis spilled the beans. The angel of Universe 7 appeared in front of Goku and Merus as the pair trained. Whis just finished a stern conversation with the Grand Priest about Merus as the patrolman was going overboard on his mission. It was all fine for the angel trainee to check out Universe 7 up close, but Whis said Merus got too close and risked being killed.

Of course, Goku did not think such a thing was possible. Zeno is easily able to kill the Gods of Destruction, but angels are a whole other thing. The Grand Priest takes charge of those deities, and Whis confirms their master is the only one capable of killing angels.

"Angels who break our code are eradicated without a trace," Whis shares. "It is the only way by which an angel can be removed from existence. There is no way around this truth - such is the nature of the angel lifeform."

Clearly, it seems there is more at stake for Merus than a win against Moro. The patrolman may have a beef with the villain, but Merus is going to need to reign things back. Unless he wants to be snapped out of existence, the angel trainee needs to remove himself from the affairs of Universe 7 or risk the rage of the almighty Grand Priest.


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