Dragon Ball Super Drafts Clear Up Bardock's Timeline Debate

The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga is set to finally dive into the backstory of the intergalactic bounty hunter Granolah, and in doing so, is taking readers through a tour of one of the missions of the Saiyan race under the rule of the alien despot Freeza, with a major appearance by none other than the father of Goku, Bardock. With the previous chapter of the Weekly Shonen Jump story hinting that Granolah and his mother might have been saved by Bardock in the bounty hunter's earlier days, it seems that the upcoming entry will reveal major details.

Warning. If you don't want any aspect of this next chapter spoiled when it comes to Dragon Ball Super's manga, steer clear as these new details reveal some major spoilers.

In a preview for Chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super, we witness the Cerealian race's days before it was wiped out, living in peace with the Namekians on their planet, but unable to survive the attack by the Saiyans who transformed into their giant ape forms. The chapter preview states that these events took place forty years ago, with the Saiyan warriors arriving on the Planet Namek during a night with a full moon to unleash destruction on the planet. While the preview doesn't tell us exactly why Bardock saved Granolah and his mother, it certainly lays the groundwork for these past events.

Twitter User Herms98 shared the preview for the upcoming chapter of the Granolah The Survivor Arc, which will hopefully give readers a number of answers when it comes to Granolah's past as well as Bardock's state of mind when it came to saving the mother and son of the Cerealian race:

When last we left the battle between Granolah and the Z Fighters, Vegeta's Ultra Ego unfortunately wasn't enough to take down the bounty hunter, who nearly killed the Prince of the Saiyans in their one-on-one battle. Though the current installments of the manga have mostly focused on Goku and Vegeta battling this new opponent, it will be interesting to see if this flashback reveal will bring about a truce between the participants and whether we'll see more of a focus placed on the Heeters and perhaps Freeza making a return.

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