Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Teases Bardock's Comeback

Dragon Ball Super is out with a new chapter this month, and if you have not heard, the update is a doozy. Thanks to Goku and Vegeta, chapter 76 has a lot of conflicts to work through, and Granolah is at the center of everything as expected. But by the end of this chapter, well - it is safe to say focus shifts from the sniper to another Saiyan from long ago.

The whole thing went live when Dragon Ball Super hit up fans with its September 2021 update. During this chapter, fans watched as Granolah and Vegeta continued their epic fight, and the pair show their disdain in spades. But in the end, Granolah is hit over the head with a shocking Saiyan revelation.

As it turns out, not all of the Saiyans who fought the Cerealians were heartless. Monaito tells his ward that one Saiyan tried to save Granolah and his mother. And as it turns out, this hero was none other than Bardock.

"There was one Saiyan who didn't earn your vengeance. Forty years back, the one who actually saved us was a Saiyan named Bardock," Moniato shared.

Clearly, this tidbit goes against everything the sniper knows, but Monaito is not one to lie. It seems like Bardock played a direct hand in keeping Granolah alive, but we aren't sure what happened to his mom. Now, fans expect Bardock to come back into the series in a big way thanks to Monaito's confession. And if we are lucky, maybe Goku will learn about his father after all of these years. It is about time Dragon Ball Super delved into a flashback like this, and netizens are eager to see how Granolah reacts to this news once it's made public. 

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