Dragon Ball Super Gives Sneak-Peek at Chapter 59

Dragon Ball Super is keeping busy these days not on screen but in print. It has been quite some time since the title has been animated, but Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama have kept Son Goku occupied with their manga. Before long, V-Jump is set to release latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, and a sneak-peek of chapter 59 has gone live to tide fans over until its debut.

The whole teaser dropped on the official Dragon Ball website in Japan. The sneak-peek is made up of a draft which Toyotaro sketched for chapter 59 long before the actual copy was penned. However, this early version gives fans details that are to come in the real chapter.

Thanks to translators like Dragon Ball Hype, fans are able to see what's coming with this new chapter. It looks like Goku and Moro are about to get busy with their awaited battle on Earth, but a few things have to be done before they can square off.

To start, Piccolo has to take time to marvel at Goku and his latest achievement. It turns out Goku has found a way to summon Ultra Instinct at will, and the Namekian confirms as much. The draft shows the hero looking stunned by Goku's progress, and the Saiyan only gets more impressive from there on out. After all, he lands some invisible hits on Moro which shock even the villain, and their fight begins in earnest after that.

So far, Dragon Ball Super fans are not sure how this chapter will end up, but they are curious about Goku and his strategy. More often than not, enemies in Dragon Ball face off with Vegeta first before Goku comes in to defeat them ultimately. That script seems to be flipped here, so readers are very interested in seeing how Vegeta fares against Moro nowadays.


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