Dragon Ball Super Features Its Most Gruesome Death to Date

Black Frieza made his first appearance in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, with the alien despot becoming a far bigger threat than we've ever seen before. With the return of the major anime antagonist, the Shonen series sees one of the most gruesome deaths of the series to date, as the Granolah The Survivor Arc comes to a close. With this week seeing the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it's a big time to be a fan of the Z-Fighters. 

Warning. If you haven't read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 87, be forewarned that this article will be diving into spoiler territory.

Gas, the strongest member of the Heeters and current strongest being in the universe, was thought defeated in the previous chapter but sprung back to life looking quite horrific thanks to his newfound power eating away at his life force. With only a limited amount of time left, Elec pushes Gas to continue giving it his all, despite it meaning that the powerful Heeter will perish as a result. Before Gas is able to take down Goku and Vegeta, Frieza arrives on the scene.

Asking the Heeters why they asked for him to arrive on the Planet Cereal, Frieza is immediately attacked by Gas, though the Heeter gets a bit more than he bargained for. Frieza immediately punches a hole through Gas' torso, causing the Heeter to disintegrate into a pile of bones, with his flesh slowly decomposing from his form. The alien overlord wastes little time in crushing Gas' skull beneath his feet, showing that the Shonen villain definitely hasn't lost his edge.

The Dragon Ball Z villain then took the opportunity to toy with Elec, eventually blasting him into nothingness as well while revealing that he was able to acquire a new transformation by training for the equivalent of ten years in a "Room of Spirit and Time" which he discovered on an alien world. 

The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super won't be arriving at the regularly scheduled time for the manga, with the series taking time off to get ready for the next arc. Currently, the anime franchise has been tight-lipped about what is to come following the conclusion of the Granolah Arc though it certainly wouldn't be a surprise if Frieza was to make a comeback

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