Dragon Ball Super: Everything We Know About Frieza's New Form

Frieza is back and no one in the universe is safe. While the alien tyrant has always been a thorn in the side of the Z-Fighters, it seems that the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super has transformed the Shonen antagonist into the strongest being in the universe. With Frieza making a comeback, now is the perfect time to explain his new transformation and how he was able to overtake Goku and Vegeta in the power department.   

Warning. If you don't want to be spoiled on Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter, Chapter 87, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into massive spoiler territory.

As a surprising way to end the current arc, Frieza appears in the latest installment of the series, taking the opportunity to brutally murder both Gas and Elec of the Heeters. With Goku and Vegeta stunned at the alien despot's arrival, Frieza also reveals that he has a new transformation at his beck and call, taking on a new color scheme and dubbing himself "Black Frieza". The Dragon Ball villain didn't attain this new form from out of the blue, however, as Frieza explains how he has now become, supposedly, the strongest being in the universe.

During his quest to conquer as many planets as possible, it seems that Frieza stumbled upon a "Room of Space and Time", aka the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for English Dub fans. In this room which is separated from the main universe, Frieza trained for around ten years total, allowing him to surpass the strength of Vegeta's Ultra Ego and Goku's latest Ultra Instinct transformation. Also, since Frieza was apparently outside of our universe while training, the wishes made by both Gas and Granolah didn't make them stronger than the terrifying villain, meaning that Goku and Vegeta are lacking when it comes to their overall power levels.

While the next arc of the manga remains a mystery, expecting Black Frieza to play a central role, with the villain having been mostly absent since the Tournament of Power Arc and Dragon Ball Super: Broly, definitely isn't outside of the realm of possibility. 

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