Dragon Ball Super Introduces Black Frieza, the Anime's Strongest Form Yet

Dragon Ball Super has brought the Granolah The Survivor Arc to a close and thrown readers of the Shonen series a wild surprise. Not only has Frieza returned to the anime franchise that spawned him, but he is also packing some serious heat. The manga might be going on hiatus next month as a new arc is created, but there will be plenty for Dragon Ball fans to talk about in the near future thanks to the arrival of "Black Frieza".   

Frieza gained his new form thanks to discovering a "Room of Spirit And Time" on his universe tour of conquest, spending roughly ten years training in the other universe. With Frieza previously training for a relatively short amount of time to become "Golden Frieza", his new form is far stronger than Goku's Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's Ultra Ego, as the tyrant is able to defeat both at once with a single punch to each of the Z-Fighters. Bringing the Saiyans low wasn't even the biggest thing that Frieza did in chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super, surprisingly enough.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Throughout the Granolah Arc, the Heeters have been a force to be reckoned with, as the villain Gas was able to become the new strongest being in the universe. Managing to beat Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah in one-on-one combat, the Heeter was easily dispatched by Frieza in one of the most gruesome deaths of the series to date. Punching a hole through Gas and causing the Heeter to deteriorate before his eyes, Frieza wasted little time in decimating Elec at the same time. 

So why is it that Gas and Granolah weren't able to overcome Frieza's power level via their wishes on the Planet Cereal's Dragon Balls? Well, since the alien despot was technically in another universe, some tricky wordplay made it so that the villain is the strongest being in the universe as of now. The Granolah Arc had its issues according to many fans, but the arrival of Frieza and his new transformation has been the talk of anime fans on social media since the latest chapter arrived.

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