'Dragon Ball Super' Is About to Solve a Big Saiyan Mystery

The hype is now real for this Dragon Ball Super movie, ever since it was revealed that the film is going to be Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which will give us the first canonized story of fan-favorite berserker Saiyan Broly.

Ever since that confirmation came in, fans have begun speculating about how this new version of Broly will fit into the larger series mythos. Over on Reddit, they're already connecting dots about plot details that may have already been revealed in the first Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer and poster. Even this early on, it seems as though the film could be providing some answers to big questions about Saiyan history!

Here's a few good insights from Reddit user Al-Hatoor:

There's a shot of a Saiyan space pod in the movie poster, which suggests that Dragon Ball Super: Broly will answer the long-standing question of what happened to all the Saiyan babies that were launched from their homeworld(s), and sent out into the universe to conquer other planets. The poster image suggests that Broly will be one of those babies, which would explain why he hasn't been featured in the canonized storyline - until now.

After re-visiting the teaser trailer and early details of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, fans have picked up on a lot of clues that dropped right from the start. The version of Broly we see in the teaser still has a tail, and seems to be living on a frozen arctic planet. Promo images reveal that Goku and Vegeta have will have to put on some winter clothes and travel to this planet (possibly back in time), to battle the Legendary Super Saiyan. If Broly had to survive in such terrain from childhood, it would help explain why he powered up to such an insane degree.

In covering the history of the Saiyans, Freeza, and now Broly, this Dragon Ball Super movie looks increasingly like the crucial piece of canon backstory that Akira Toriyama originally promised. The real exciting thing is that the film won't just be filling in backstory; if we learn things like that there are Saiyan babies spread all over the universe, then the film will indeed be opening the door wide to a much bigger anime saga to follow - as has also been promised.



What do you think about this potential connection between Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the mystery of the lost Saiyan babies? Let us know in the comments!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released in December. Dragon Ball Super airs its English Dubs Saturday nights on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Dragon Ball Heroes is the new promotional anime series now streaming online in Japan.