Dragon Ball Super Confirms New Anime Project

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is already taking Japan by storm, with the latest anime movie from the Shonen franchise focusing on Gohan and Piccolo as they fight against new androids from the Red Ribbon Army. With the new film set to hit theaters in North America this August, a major update has arrived from the team behind the Shonen movie, confirming that work is currently underway on the next anime project for the Z-Fighters.    

Currently, there are no plans for Dragon Ball Super's television series to return, though there are plenty of tales from the manga that have yet to be animated. With the likes of the Moro Arc and Granolah The Survivor Arc being prime material for a comeback, it will be interesting to see how the events of Super Hero come into play within the future of the Shonen franchise. No details have been given with regards to what this new project will be or what the story will entail though that won't stop fans, and ourselves, from speculating.

In the latest issue of V Jump, Iyoku had this to say when it came to the work that was currently underway on a new Dragon Ball Super anime project:

"Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a movie that was made not only for the Japanese audience but with the whole world in mind. Dragon Ball is a series that Japan is very proud of, so we felt a sense of responsibility while working on the movie. We're indeed releasing it in America this summer as well! What? "What comes next"? Well, if you're asking, a new entry on the series is already in the making! Super Hero took us five years to make, so it's only natural we're already working on what comes next! Toriyama-sensei himself is always working on new Dragon Ball concepts and ideas, after all. We're all thinking about what we want to show the world next." 

What do you think this new Dragon Ball Super anime project will be? When do you think Dragon Ball will return to television? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EvComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball Super

Via DBS Hype