The 'Dragon Ball Super' Finale Proves Piccolo Is The Best Uncle

For me, Piccolo is the only thing that matters in the world of Dragon Ball. Sure, Goku and Vegeta have their legion of followers, but the Namekian also has his army of fans. Over the years, the former villain's lovers have grown more fervent with their support, and many of them tend to pit Piccolo's parenting skills against — well — everyone else.

So, all of those fans would like to take a moment to thank Dragon Ball Super for proving Piccolo is the best when it comes to Pan. The fighter is actually Uncle Goals when it comes to the little squirt.

Recently, fans gathered to watch as Dragon Ball Super aired its final episode, and the update ended on a rather special note. The finale held an outro montage that caught up with all of the heroes in Universe 7, and Piccolo was spotted hanging out with his pseudo-son Gohan. The pair were hanging out at the younger Saiyan's house as Videl busied herself. As for Pan, just check out the image below. It is impossible to overlook the rambunctious girl.

Piccolo may hate every moment of it, but he cannot help but fall to Pan's whims. The montage shows the little girl wrapping the Namekian around her (super strong) finger as she plays with him and turns his antennae into toys. Judging by Piccolo's sweat drop, he is not a fan of being so easily commodified, but hey. It makes Gohan's daughter happy, so there is that.

Of course, fans of Piccolo are delighting in the cute domestic scene. The fact that the Namekian puts up with Pan's silliness gives further proof of why the character is totally Dad Goals. It has become a joke within the anime fandom to pit Piccolo and Goku against one another when it comes to childrearing, and the former definitely earns points for his tolerance of Pan. However, there is only one real way to resolve the fatherly debate, and that is to make Pan play some sort of prank on Goku. Knowing the hero, he'd probably love it...


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