Dragon Ball Super Special Summarizes The Manga's Arcs

Dragon Ball Super's manga is on break, as the creator behind the printed story are taking the opportunity to work on what comes next following the Granolah The Survivor Arc's conclusion. With the previous chapter giving readers some clues as to what the next storyline will involve, a special "interval" has been released to get Shonen fans up to speed with both the Moro and Granolah Arcs respectively. Following Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's success, the Shonen series' future has countless avenues to explore.     

At present, the creators behind Dragon Ball Super's manga have been tight-lipped when it comes to what the next saga will be, though the conclusion of the Granolah The Survivor Arc certainly leaves some major clues. The battle against the Heeters, and their strongest member Gas, came to an end thanks to the return of Frieza, who has officially become the new strongest being in the universe thanks to training within a Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the equivalent of years. Taking down both Goku and Vegeta in their Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego forms respectively, Frieza unleashes his new transformation, "Black Frieza", and could potentially be the next challenge that the Z-Fighters need to overcome.

The new Dragon Ball Super Interval Special not only breaks down some of the biggest moments from the Moro and Granolah Arcs, it also takes the opportunity to dive further into the Shonen franchise's past, preparing readers for what is coming in the future by exploring the manga's past:

Dragon Ball Super's television series came to an end following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power, and it's been a few years since the Z-Fighters have been on the small screen. With the Moro and Granolah Arcs having yet to be adapted to the anime, there is plenty of material for the television series to cover when it does return considering the number of chapters that featured Goku learning more about Ultra Instinct and Vegeta gaining his most powerful form via Ultra Ego.

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